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6.2 million Canadians have a disability. Does your advertising include them?

The images created for advertising have the power to influence thinking. But what about the images that are not created? These have power too. Right now the lack of disability seen in advertising images is telling us that 6.2 million Canadians do not belong.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to creating a world of possibilities for kids and youth with disabilities. As advertisers, we have a role to play in creating this world.

It’s pretty simple. We just need to include people with disabilities in the images we are already putting into the world. As 22% of Canadians have a disability and even more Canadians have a family member or friend with one, you may be surprised at just how much more of the market your brand will connect with by making this simple change to your advertising. It will take an industry to chip away at stigma, that’s why we need every advertiser and every marketer to join us in this agreement.

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It will take an industry to end stigma. Join these influential partners who have already signed The Dear Everybody Agreement.